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The Vermont Bowl Company

111 West Main Street
PO Box 338
Wilmington, VT 05363
(802) 464-5296
Open 7 Days a Week 10:00AM - 6:00PM

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Wooden Salad Bowls

Mango Shrimp Salad served in a T3 Vermont Bowl Our Individual "T3" Bowl

Without question Vermont is a beautiful state, but we do get our share of cloudy, rainy, snowy weather. Occasionally we need an escape. Now perhaps we can't fly off to the Caribbean (there's simply too much work to be done here for that!), but we can make a tropical dish such as this Mango Shrimp Salad with Jasmine Rice (Email us if you'd like the recipe). And of course we'll be serving it in one of our wooden salad bowls.

In this case we chose our "T3" - Vermont Bowl but you may choose one of our many different bowl styles; the American Bowl, Boston Bowl, Green Mountain Colonial Bowl, Signature Bowl, just to name a few. See samples below, or click on the "Wooden Bowls" link on the sidebar to see our complete selection, each designed by John McLeod and ready to become your next counter top or table centerpiece.

If you need help selecting the perfect wooden salad bowls to fit your decor or work best for your particular family or special event, please do not hesitate to give our Wilmington Vermont Retail Store staff a call (802) 464-5296. Our dedicated team has answered every question you can imagine and they have every confidence that they will be able to direct you in choosing the perfect bowl for your needs. Should you call, ask for Donna, our Retail Stores Manager. After all, it was Donna that originally coined the phrase, "We make salads fun!"

American Wooden Salad Bowl Boston Wooden Salad Bowl Green Mountain Wooden Salad Bowl Signature Wooden Salad Bowl

One of our most popular bowls is the artisan "Colonial Hardwood Bowl", which is available in Cherry or Black Walnut (shown). It's the perfect bowl for any dinner party. When entertaining friends and family we recommend showing off your heirloom bowl first with a fruit display, then fill the bowl with your best salad. Your wooden bowl will be centerpiece of the table and hit of the party!

Black Walnut Wooden Salad Bowls

Often we are asked, "Which size wooden salad bowl is best?" The answer to that question is, "It depends on the function." For family gatherings and neighborhood parties serving six or eight people our 15" bowl is the perfect size, but if you're entertaining more than eight people then we recommend stepping up to a 17" Green Mountain Bowl in Cherry or Black Walnut. If your family is less than six, then our 12" bowls will serve you well. And of course, having plenty of 8" Individual Bowls on hand is a must!