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The Vermont Bowl Company

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Which Wood is Which?

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Yellow Birch Cherry Black Walnut

We have shown you here three examples of our most common wood species from which we craft our fine products.

The First, on the left, is Yellow Birch. This is our main wood of choice. It has a very close grain, has excellent working capabilities and has a nice well identified grain pattern after some time exposed to light it darkens down to a very friendly brownish give character to the wood.

In color it ranges from a light tawny brown to quite a deep red. Ours do all the color moods.

The Second, in the center is Cherry. A much loved wood particularly throughout New England where it has been a staple in furniture and treen ware. It is reddish in color, a red which darkens deeply over time with exposure to light and it has a very pleasing texture and grain identification.

The Third, on the right, is American Black Walnut. Considered by many to be the King of American woods it has been the wood of choice for centuries by cabinetmakers for their finest pieces. It is held in high regard as a lumber species and walnut trees are a valuable commodity. It has a deep brown almost purplish hue in color which combination darkens down with light and time to a lighter blackish hue.

These three examples should be sufficient for you to make an educated choice whilst perusing our site.

Ash Servers ASH is a common wood in our New England forests. It has a more open and wilder grain. We use this wood to produce our Big Ash Bowl and matching Servers.

Mahogany Servers MAHOGANY. There are many species of Mahogany. The species known as South American or Spanish Mahogany is the most admired and sought after.

That is the species which we utilize when making our English Traditional and our Tall Mahogany Masterpiece bowls.

Very strict government controls are exercised regarding the harvesting of this wood.