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High Contrast Walnut

For decades the only walnut wood which was utilized was the heartwood of the tree. That is the tawny black mood of the inside of the trunk. Over the years due to an ever-increasing cost of the material and conservancy awareness it really made no sense to trim every piece of walnut like the fat off a prime filet minion, but rather the lighter sapwood which is very often peeled white could be incorporated with the dark heartwood to create a most pleasing effect. When we first did this we were mindful that people thought of walnut as being black, repeat black, so we then put the white in so that it created a contrast. Now we don't really differentiate. We find that by sensible and judicious utilization of all the sapwood in conjunction with the heartwood we can obtain an excellent walnut article with a touch of contrast from the sapwood which enlivens the piece as a whole. We therefore now say high contrast when we utilize both parts of the tree to the best advantage.

High Contrast Walnut Chopping Block