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The Vermont Bowl Company

111 West Main Street
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Wilmington, VT 05363
(802) 464-5296
Open 7 Days a Week 10:00AM - 6:00PM

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Product Personalization

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Personalization and Laser Engraving

There are two groups. The first is those who engrave. The second is those who make the things the first group engrave. We here at John McLeod / Vermont Bowl, a world class producer of fine wood products now provides the perfect combination of the two groups. We now have the flexibility to create designs specifically for Personalization and Engraving and a wide range of our existing products are ready for Personalization. Our opportunities are so wide that your input will in most cases be treated as a custom order. A telephone call to (802) 464-5296 will get you prompt personal assistance. Your imagination coupled to our expertise can produce great gifts and event recollection items. We look forward to hearing from you.

The following photos are included to further your knowledge of what we can do and to stimulate your imagination.

Straight Off we show you non wood engraving!
Personalized Glass Set    Personalized Glass Set    Personalized Glass

And now what is undoubtedly the Board Set to solve all problems!
Bridal Boards

Trying to find something that is always accepted happily?
The Short Dipping Board

When John was a young man in Scotland the finest restaurant in Aberdeen had a Frieze all around a classical style ceiling with the wisdom we have included on our Athenaeum Lazy Susan.
Athenaeum Lazy Susan

Before we get too fancy how about this:
The Goes Around Susan

Our next trick shows the versatility of Laser Engraving. Some time back, we found in England , some very interesting old handcrafted wooden pieces. Among them was a Bread Board. We are now using the wonders of the laser to create a modern reproduction.
Bread Boards

Also in that English Collection was a gem of a bowl. Found in Wheathampstead in Hertfordshire. Our source in England suggested, based upon the location of its origin that it could possibly date back to late 1700’s. Here is our reproduction using the design lines turned so long ago in rural England.
Wheathamstead Bowl

We can put your sentiments on a bowl to commemorate, celebrate or advise or just to make sure your gift will be in use for years, even generations.
Personalized Bowl    Personalized Bowl    Personalized Bowl

If you are a Real Estate Agent celebrate your business with an appreciation gift to your client.
Real Estate Board

As we said we are the combiners of woodworking and engraving and almost all of our existing selection of products can be enhanced with your instructions.
Steak Board

Adding a photograph to an item and accompanying text makes an elegant statement. Any boat owner would be delighted with a plate such as was prepared for the M/V Cloud Dancer.
Cloud Dancer Plate

While Engraving shows up most clearly on lighter woods such as Yellow Birch and Cherry many people enjoy Walnut as a popular background.

All wood species have variation in colors and such variations are reflected in the engraving. Whilst every effort is made to produce the very best effect no refunds can be made due to wood characteristics.

Photos will be engraved on selected light colored wood. We strongly recommend Yellow Birch or Cherry sap wood. We have attached a selection of fonts.

Suggested Fonts:

**We offer a large number of fonts so if the ones shown here are not to your liking and you have a specific font preference, simply give us a call and we'll work with you to secure the perfect font for your personalization.

A minimum charge for all work is $15. On receipt of your instructions we will prepare the text and we will email that to you with price. Prices will vary from order to order depending on the amount of text. As a general rule prices for Engraving run between $15 and $40.

Quantity orders will receive a quoted price.

Most orders will be completed within 7 days plus shipping.

Call us today - (802) 464-5296.