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Vermont Bowl Co.

111 West Main Street
PO Box 338
Wilmington, VT 05363

A division of
John McLeod Ltd.

Come visit us!

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Wooden Bowls

You want quality, and that's what we provide. Nothing leaves our Wilmington Vermont factory unless it's perfect! Rest assured, when you receive a wooden salad bowl from us, it will last for years and is heirloom quality.

Salad Hands Salad Hands

Servers Servers


20 inch Colonial Bowl Jumbo Super Jumbo 20" Colonial Bowl
*Available in Cherry shim


Colonial Hardwood Bowls Colonial Hardwood Bowls shim


17 inch Colonial Bowl Large 17" Colonial Bowl
*Available in Cherry, American Beech, and Black Walnut shim


Pinstripe Collection - Yellow Birch with Black Walnut Stripes
"Pinstripe Collection"
Striped Bowls



Layered American Bowl "Layered American Bowl"


Euro Cherry Wooden Bowl "Euro"
Cherry Wooden Bowl



Crocus Wooden Salad Bowl "Crocus" Wooden Salad Bowl


T3 - Vermont Bowl "Vermont" Bowl

*Formerly the "T3" bowl.


T1 Bowl "T1" Bowl shim


Round Bowl "Round" Bowl shim


Tulip Bowl in cherry wood "Tulip" Bowl shim


The Boston Wooden Salad Bowl The "Boston" Bowl shim


Classic Bowl "Classic" Bowl shim


Farmhouse Bowl "Farmhouse" Bowl shim


English Traditional Bowl "English Traditional" Bowl shim


Signature Bowl "Signature" Bowl


Beehive Bowl Beehive Bowl shim


The Polka Dot Bowl The "Polka Dot" Bowl

*One of our unique limited edition salad bowls. shim


American Bowl in Walnut The "American Bowl"

Scottish-American Bowl "Scottish-American Bowl" shim


Recently rediscovered, this fantastic large salad bowl was buried in the archives of our website, but its back front and center! Don't be deceived by the photo, this is a BIG bowl. If you're looking for the perfect wedding gift, or perhaps just a centerpiece for your own dining room table, look no further.


Crocus Cherry Wooden Bowl 17-1/2 inch American Bowl


Shallow Bowl with Walnut Rim Shallow Bowl with Walnut Rim shim


Celinda Bowl "Celinda" Bowl shim


Tall Mahogany Tall Mahogany "Masterpiece" bowl shim


The Baguette Bowl Server The "Baguette" Bowl shim


Big Ash Bowl "Big Ash" Wooden Salad Bowl


Tulip Candy Striped Bowl "Tulip" Candy Striped Bowl


Vermont Candy Striped Bowl "Vermont" Candy Striped Bowl


Bowl Stand Individual Bowl Stands shim


Bowl Stand in Yellow Birch Bowl Stand in Yellow Birch

The perfect complement to your wooden bowls! Available in Yellow Birch (shown), Black Walnut, and Cherry.


**Also visit our Exotics Wood section for additional wooden bowls not shown here. We will be expanding the exotics section, so check back often.

Bowl Sizes Information

    Wooden Bowls
  • We make three sizes of wooden bowls. The relationship in size can be seen in the picture alongside.
  • We refer to them as "Large", "Medium" and "Small" with matching "Individual" wooden bowls or soup bowls available where indicated.
  • We start off with turning blanks of 15", 12" and 10" in diameter.
  • While the finished diameters vary slightly with the nature of the designs net average external diameters are 14-1/2"... 11-1/2" and 9-1/2".
  • The average height of all the bowl sizes is just over 5"
  • The individual soup or salad bowls are sized at 6-1/2" diameter with a height of 2-3/4"
  • While the size of a portion of salad is a very subjective thing, with experience, we are confident in the small bowl serving 4 to 6 people, the medium 6 to 8 people and the large 8 to 12 people. If you're looking for larger serving bowls, here they are!
  • Remember, these wooden bowls are not dish-shaped they have the full capacity of their diameter.

For the further curious here are the average volumes...

  • Large Bowl: 10 Quarts
  • Medium Bowl: 6 Quarts
  • Small Bowl: 4 Quarts
  • Individual Bowl: 1 Pint

Information You Need

  • The only care required from the consumer is the gentle washing of the bowl or serving piece in warm soapy water and towelling it dry.
  • The tough, specially applied and hand rubbed finish, is a proprietary formulation developed over a number of years.
  • Under no circumstances should this or any fine woodenware ever be put in a dishwasher.
  • Each bowl carries a label with these simple care instructions.
  • We know that the life of a bowl treated properly is greater than 46 years !!
  • All bowl sizes are given as a guide. Since each bowl is individually crafted slight variations in dimensions can occur.
  • Each bowl is individually packaged and boxed to allow us to send any size of order via UPS.
  • To minimize shipping costs boxes are grouped together whenever possible.
  • No sustainability or regeneration problems arise from the harvesting of these species from natural and managed forest sources.



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Gift Wrapping
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