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The Vermont Bowl Company

111 West Main Street
PO Box 338
Wilmington, VT 05363
(802) 464-5296
Open 7 Days a Week 10:00AM - 6:00PM

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Tamarack Jack
Tamarack Jack
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This Month
Only: $37.50

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Tamarack Jack
This nifty item makes taking off those pesky boots easy! I think we've all experienced a boot being stuck on our foot. The Tamarack Jack pulls the boot off for you with little effort on your part. Just hold it still with one foot and slide the heel of the other foot (boot on of course) into the "V" shape at the top and lift up! Your boot is off!! Made from Vermont Tamarack.

Let us personalize your carving board for yourself or gift recipient for just $15.

Boston Bowl
Much of Vermont's early history is in some way or another connected to Boston, therefore bowl designer John McLeod felt it was only fitting that we name one of our wooden bowls in dedication of our colonial roots.

Medium Yellow Birch Boston Bowl
Medium Yellow Birch Boston Bowl
Regular Price:

This Month
Only: $76.00

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